The Colégio Luso-Suíço private school

The school was founded in 1947 with the name “Externato Fröbel” (Fröbel Day School). It was located in the Silva Carvalho Street, in Lisbon.

Friedrich Fröbel was a German pedagogue and following his footsteps, our school was very innovative: it was the first kindergarten to be run independently, without any other facilities.

At the time, the school was only for boys and this remained unchanged until 1960.

On this year, the name was changed to “Colégio Luso-Suíço” and the school started to offer the kindergarten and primary school services. It was also at the time that it became open to both girls and boys.

Educational proposal

We believe education starts in the pre-school age. The first approach to “school” as an institution and to the learning process will be the basis for our lifelong progress. A child’s learning process starts at this stage, building on the four pillars mentioned in the report to UNESCO of the International Commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century.

We stimulate the children’s liking for school and for learning, so that they learn how to learn.

We develop the skills that the children need, so that they have the necessary tools to learn how to do something.

We promote the children’s integration in a group, creating awareness that mutual understanding and respect allow us to live as a community.

We encourage the children to be independent and promote their sense of responsibility, making the most of a child’s potential so that s/he develops his or her personality and learns how to “be”.

We promote the children’s comprehensive training so that they can develop their specific skills and other interests: all of these play an important role in their healthy development as individuals and eminently social beings.

We want our pupils to finish primary school and feel safe, with high self-esteem, responsible and able to manage their personal and school life in an ever more demanding society.

Teachers and educators

The teachers and educators are waiting for your children in order to help them grow, with a curious, confident mind and ready to face the future.

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