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Strategies to be successful in school

The academic success of your child depends on a positive partnership between both parents and educators. Engagement is key in making sure your child is happy and thriving! Read the advice three experts have shared to help your child succeed, from those related to homework to others regarding food, ways of stimulating intelligence and managing grade expectations.

How to prepare a healthy lunchbox

What should children eat during their break? A lack of time can often be frustrating for families especiallly when they find themselves making unhealthier snack options for their child. However, planning easy and nutritious snacks for school can be a piece of cake. Here are a few tips.

Useful information

The school premises

In order to meet its goals, the Colégio Luso-Suíço private school has several classrooms, a teachers’ room, a gym, a music room, a support room, a language room, a computer room and a playground (outdoor area where children can play and spend their leisure time).

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